Costa Rica

Bryan Calderón Jiménez

Vice-Chair within the Chemical Metrology Working Group (MWG 8) of the Interamerican Metrology System (SIM)

Dr. Bryan Calderón Jiménez serves as the leader of the Chemical Metrology Department at LACOMET, the National Metrology Institute of Costa Rica, representing Costa Rica both nationally and internationally in this field of science.

Dr. Calderón Jiménez holds the position of Vice-Chair within the Chemical Metrology Working Group (MWG 8) of the Interamerican Metrology System (SIM). Furthermore, he proudly represents Costa Rica in various national and international technical committees (TC), including the TC of Statistics and Uncertainty of SIM, the TC of Metrology in Food and Nutrition of IMEKO, and most recently, at the 27th meeting of the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) of the BIPM.

His more recent research efforts have been concentrated on the development of advanced metrological tools for characterizing engineering nanomaterials using sophisticated measurement techniques, such as single-particle ICP-MS. Additionally, he has pioneered the development of a novel synthesis method for producing highly stable, quasi-spherical metallic nanoparticles, which hold significant potential for applications in nanometrology.

Dr. Calderón Jiménez's groundbreaking research has been published in prestigious international journals in the field of chemistry, including Nature-Scientific Reports, Journal of Research of NIST, Talanta, Frontiers in Chemistry, Frontiers in Environmental Science, among others. Furthermore, these publications have been presented at various international conferences and symposiums. In recent years, his primary research activities have encompassed diverse areas of chemistry and metrology, including the characterization and production of biopolymers, the purification of biofuels, the development of proficiency testing (PT) for chemical parameters, the production of reference materials, electrochemistry measurements, estimation of measurement uncertainty in GHG, validation of methods, and more.

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