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Kevin L. Armbrust

Lider del Departamento de Ciencias Ambientales de la Universidad Estatal de Luisiana en la Escuela de la Costa y el Medio Ambiente

PHd., ocupa la Cátedra Claiborne de Toxicología Ambiental y es subdirector del CERSA de la Universidad de Carolina del Norte

Dr. Kevin L. Armbrust is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University in the School of the Coast and Environment and also holds the Claiborne Chair of Environmental Toxicology. He served 11 years as the State Chemist for the State of Mississippi, and held faculty positions at Mississippi State University, the University of Georgia and as a regulatory research scientist with DuPont Agricultural Products. He received both his B.S. degree in Environmental Toxicology and his Ph.D. in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry from the University of California at Davis. He has chaired and held leadership offices in national scientific and professional associations (for example ACS-Division of Agrochemicals, the Association of American Feed Control Officials) as well as appointed positions to state and federal government advisory boards including the FDA’s food advisory board. He also co-directs the Center of Excellence for Regulatory Science in Agriculture (CERSA).

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