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Dear Colleagues

Receive a cordial greeting from the institutions and organizations that are planning the CR24 Congress Chemistry, which will be held at the Cora Ferro Calabrese Auditorium of the Univesidad Nacional of Costa Rica (San Pablo, Heredia) from the 23rd to the 26th of July 2024. We also allow ourselves to announce that this year, the CR24 Congress will be held in conjunction with the 3rd Biophysics Symposium.

The CR24 CHEMISTRY CONGRESS is a scientific event that brings together researchers, industrialists, government, and people interested in topics related to:

  • Teaching of Chemistry and related sciences
  • Chemistry in Studies of Emerging Environmental Pollutants
  • Chemistry and Information Technologies
  • Chemistry in Agri-Food Sciences
  • Chemistry in Energy Sources
  • Chemistry and Environmental Pollution
  • Chemistry and Nanotechnology
  • Chemistry and Metrology
  • Chemistry and interdisciplinary studies with the biological sciences
  • Chemistry and Materials Sciences
  • Biophysics

We invite the national and international scientific community, representatives of state organizations, non-governmental organizations, private companies, and the public, to participate in this CR24 Chemistry Congress with the catchword: "Chemistry: a solution for global changes”


  • Dr. Carlos Alberto Vega Aguilar
  • Dr. Isaac F. Céspedes Camacho
  • Dr. Juan José Araya Barrantes
  • Dr. Manuel Sandoval
  • Dra. Andrea Araya Sibaja
  • Dr. David Valverde Barquero
  • Lic. Maynor Arias Carrillo
  • Lic. Jonathan Esquivel Garita
  • Lic. Raquel Quirós Soto
  • Dr. Maynor Vargas Vargas
  • M.Sc. José Pablo Sibaja Brenes
  • Dr. José Ángel Rodríguez Corrales
  • Dr. Isaac F. Céspedes-Camacho
  • Dr. Mario Araya Marchena
  • Dr. Johnny Valverde Cerdas
  • Dr. José Ángel Rodríguez Corrales
  • Dra. Lisbeth Jiménez Carrillo
  • Lic. María Alejandra Castillo Cordero
  • Lic. Hernán Arroyo Bravo
  • Lic. Basilio Silva Narváez
  • Lic. Mauricio Araya Álvarez
  • Dr. Sergio Paniagua
  • Dra. Andrea Araya
  • Dr. Diego Aguirre Abarca
  • Dra. Andrea Irías Mata
  • Dra. Adriana Fernández Campos
  • Dr. Bryan Calderón Jiménez
  • M.Sc. José Pablo Sibaja Brenes
  • Dr. Luis Gerardo Chaves Barquero
  • Bach. María Valeria Camacho Quirós
  • Bach. Valeria Medrano Álvarez
  • M.Sc. Mariela Saborío
  • M.Sc. Arlette Jiménez Silva
  • M.Sc. Rolando Sánchez Gutiérrez
  • Lic. Yorleni Corrales González
  • Lic. Ronald Sánchez Brenes
  • M.Sc. Rosa Alfaro Solís
  • M.Sc. Carolina Alfaro Chinchilla
Some of our
Prof. Rafael Gómez
Prof. Rafael Gómez

Department of Material Science and Engineering, MIT

Prof. Seth Marder
Prof. Seth Marder

Chemical & Biological Enginering, University of Colorado

Sandra Cauffman
Sandra Cauffman

Astrophysics Division, NASA

Giselle Sandí Tapia
Giselle Sandí Tapia

Idaho National Laboratory

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